NC Prevention Partners, the Health Promotion Branch, NC DHHS,

NC Prevention Partners, the Health Promotion Branch, NC DHHS,


An agreement made between:



(Name of Local Partnering County/Agency Name)

NC Prevention Partners, the Health Promotion Branch of the Division of Public Health, and local partners agree to partner in a healthy dining program known as the WINNER’S CIRCLE Program.

NC Prevention Partners will:

·Develop model, program, marketing materials for healthy dining program

·Create training materials and train local health agencies on how to implement Winner’s Circle

·Establish and maintain website for Winner’s Circle

·Lead evaluation for Winner’s Circle

·Seek corporate restaurant partners and private sector partners and sponsors for Winner’s Circle

Health Promotion Branch will:

·Provide state office contact to local health agencies and regional consultation for the Winner’s Circle Program

·Participate in reporting and evaluation planning and implementation

Local Winner’s Circle Partner will:

  • Complete training for Winner’s Circle and sign contract as local partner
  • Implement Winner’s Circle program according to training guidelines
  • Contact Health Promotion Branch contact, NC DHHS when questions arise
  • Provide Health Promotion Branch contact with reporting materials and other tracking mechanisms when prompted
  • Participate with NCPP and other local partners in sharing local strategies that have been successful to increase ability of local WINNER’S CIRCLE partners to successfully implement WINNER’S CIRCLE.
  • Maintain the nutritional standards established by Winner’s Circle
  • Use the Winner’s Circle logo as described in this manual and if questions arise, any other use be approved by NC Prevention Partners

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