Brain Health And Supplements

Brain Health And Supplements

Endometrial stem cells restore the levels of dopamine in the brain stem cells of the endometrium is injected into the brains of mice with an induced form Laboratory Parkinson''s disease seems to have on the functioning of brain cells by the disease eradicated.
Fish Oil & Brain Health

Mother’s Choice Prenatal Multiple with Iron – 60 tabs + 15 sg – Tablet und Softgel

Contents: 60 tablets and 15 liquid gel capsules Mothers Choice – Prenatal Complex Mother’s Choice is specifically formulated to help meet the nutritional needs of women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. During pregnancy, there is an increased requirement for nutrients. Along with a wide range of vitamins and minerals, Mother’s Choice includes a special blend of herbs traditionally used by women…

Brain Supplements 60 Tablets


Irwin Organic
The stress and pressure of today’smodern world can affect your focus and concentration. The unique blend of natural and organic concentrates found in Organic Brain Support gently supports your body’s central nervous system, helping you stay sharp and at your best throughout your busy day.*

Ginkgo Biloba has long been used in traditional medicine to support memory and concentration.*…



Ala 200 Product Details A product supplementing the diet with highest-quality alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) increasing the efficiency of energy production and protecting against adverse effects of oxygenation. It displays anti-oxidative action, inhibits the development of atherosclerotic lesions, supports heart function, improves efficiency, regulates glycaemia, and protects the eyes and the liver. Alph…

Natural Highs: Increase Your Energy, Sharpen Your Mind, Improve Your Mood, Relax and Beat Stress with Legal, Natural and Healthy Mind-altering Substances


Patrick Holford and Hyla Cass are experts in psychology and nutrition. In this book they explain how it is possible to enhance motivation, elevate your mood and expand your awareness naturally, effectively and safely….