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Keep it in Balance!

Next to love, balance is the most important thing. - John Wooden

A balanced lifestyle is very important to everyone. Without it, there are a lot of things that can happen and not all of them are for the better. Your body should be looked at as the holder of your soul and your mind. It is of great importance to take care of not only your soul and mind, but your body as well.

Use these tips to achieve the balanced lifestyle you desire.


The way you eat affects the rest of your life. If you are eating greasy, fattening foods, you are going to feel less healthy and more depressed. A natural diet is the way to go. You don’t have to eat tofu and spinach to stay healthy. There are a lot of things that you can eat to stay healthy. Eat a few combinations of fruits, vegetables and healthy whole grains to keep your soul at peace, if your body feels at peace, so will everything else. You can also use certain vitamins and herbal medicines to stay healthy as well. Everything you choose to place into your body affects it in some way, some can be very positive while others are extremely negative.


If you are not sleeping, you are not leading a balanced lifestyle. Sleeping helps to rejuvenate the system it helps us to feel like we are energized and ready to go for the next day. Anyone can sleep, but if your sleep is not restful, it is not the type of sleep that you need to stay healthy and balanced. If you sleep for 6-8 hours and still feel as though you haven’t really slept at all, you may have a sleeping disorder such as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can certainly lead to many different health problems but can also upset an otherwise balanced lifestyle.


Give yourself focus. If you think about the past constantly you are focusing on what is happening now. If you think about the future, you are not free to enjoy what life is handing you right now. Instead, force yourself to focus on all the great things forming around you. Take a moment to step outside and breathe in fresh air, take some time out of your day to meditate or do some yoga. If you are a person who loves hobbies, pick up an old one or start a completely new one. It is important to gain focus in your present, not in your past or future.


There are times we all know we should be out there walking, running or jogging but we just do not feel like it. Instead we allow ourselves to become sucked into the newest TV show and we lie on the couch not really doing much to get our heart rate up. Does this sound a bit familiar?

Studies show that getting up and forcing yourself to move anyways will make you feel much better in the end. Our minds can make our bodies feel anyway they want us too and vice versa. Therefore, if your body is telling your mind that you don’t want to get up, make your mind tell your body that you will feel better if you do. It is so important to exercise, not just for keeping your weight averaged but to keep your life balanced. A 30-minute walk a day can help you maintain a balanced lifestyle.