Getting The To-Die-For Broad Back

Getting The To-Die-For Broad Back

Robert got a tattoo done the other day. It was a biblical verse inked across his back. It looked great. But there was something missing. I racked my brains some more when I got home at night; and I realized what the missing link was. Bob’s back wasn’t broad enough to deal with that much text.

Then this got me to my next question. Are there exercises to help us broaden our backs?

The Secret To A Bigger And Broader Back

Broad back

Get this one thing straight – your back isn’t one big slab of muscle. It is made up of a number of muscle groups. This part of your body is home to a complex set of muscles – your lats, rotator cuffs, upper traps, lower and middle traps. Each of these have a function of their own to play.

Read on to know how to work on your back muscles if and when these scenarios apply to you -

Scenario # 1 -

Given the sedentary lifestyle that all of us lead these days, we are prone to stiffening our back muscles. This can, most often, be blamed on our poor posture.

  • Correct It

While you kneel down, place your right hand on the back of your head. Then point your elbow towards the outside as you begin to brace your core. Now, bring your right shoulder towards your left arm. You must remember to follow your elbow’s movement with your eyes. Continue to swing your elbow until its pointing towards the ceiling. This is one rep. Now proceed to do 20. Once your done with 20 of the right arm; switch to the left and repeat.

Scenario # 2

Dumbbell row

The dumbbell row is a great way of exercising the mid traps and shoulder rears. The trick lies in getting the row right. The most common mistake that men tend to make is that they lift with their arm muscles.

  • Correct It

When you grab a pair of dumbbells, you tend to only work on your arm muscles. Do this the next time. Bend at your knees and hips, lowering your entire torso until it’s parallel to the floor. Allow the weights to hang. Pull your shoulders back and hold. Now squeeze your shoulder blades inwards, i.e. towards your spine. Then slowly lower to the starting position and repeat.

Watch out for part 2 of this series, where will discuss similar scenarios that pertain to strengthening your back muscles to give you a to-die-for broad back.