I have a cold wave in my hair. How do I care for my hair  Tips For Healthy Hair

I have a cold wave in my hair. How do I care for my hair Tips For Healthy Hair

I have a cold wave in my hair. How do I care for my hair

-use shampoo and conditioner that is designed for chemically treated hair.-do not expose your hair to exessive heat and/or stress. any type of perm will weaken your hair, so treat it like it’s fragile, because it is.-if you color your hair, don’t do it too often. the more chemicals that your hair is exposed to, the more damage will result. semi- or demi-permanent haircolor is the best choice since they usually contain less ammonia.-get your hair trimmed regularly to prevent split ends and damage.-use at-home treatments regularly (once per week) to keep hair healthy. look for products designed for weak or damaged hair.

cold wave perms are a little more harsh on the hair, they contain stronger chemicals to open the cuticle of the hair in order to make the perm work, unlike more gentle perms that use heat to work. if your hair is fine or thin, more care is required. stronger, thicker hair still needs to be taken care of, but is less prone to serious damage.

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