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Sugar Substitutes: Friend or Foe?

Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes have been around for many years; however, if you stop and ask most individuals, they do not know why they use them or what their benefits are. Most individuals just grab those colorful little packets and add them to their coffee, tea, cereals without ...

The Gluten Free Diet And Nutrient Deficiency Connection

Gluten Free Diet

Eating a gluten free diet is a part of life for many people. Some people choose to avoid gluten because they feel better when they don''t eat foods with gluten. Other people have been diagnosed with celiac disease, a condition in which the small intestine has an immune ...

What Is Gluten and Where Is It Found?

There are some words that enter our vernacular rather suddenly without much in the way of a formal introduction. The word ''gluten'' is one such word. If you discuss eating, cooking, or diets at all, you have probably heard the word. You may have heard about people who ...

Types of Shellfish: A Pacific Northwest Shellfish Primer

Types of Shellfish

Types of Shellfish When traveling the Pacific Northwest region, it''s very likely you will indulge in a few varieties of shellfish. It wouldn''t be a trip to the area without at least one crab, oyster, shrimp, or clam meal. Along with salmon, shellfish is probably one of ...

Pacific Northwest Cuisine: The Healthy Vegetarian Side

Pacific Northwest Cuisine

Pacific Northwest cuisine uses many wholesome local ingredients and choosing from that you might never have to repeat the same recipes twice. With the temperate climate and abundant resources, finding food that fits your vegetarian diet is almost too easy! If you are ...

Types of Salmon

One thing is for sure in the Pacific Northwest, you''re going to find a variety of types of salmon! It''s a tasty and healthy protein packed with Omega-3. Salmon might be considered the Pacific Northwest''s ''Fish Ambassador'' - it''s plentiful, sustainable, nutritious, ...

Healthy Pacific Northwest Dishes – FREE Recipe Book

Pacific Northwest Dishes

Healthy Pacific Northwest Dishes The cuisine of the Pacific Northwest spans across the states of Washington and Oregon, but also includes the regions north along the coast into Alaska. There are many notable influences that make up this diverse and delicious form of ...